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    Our most recent delegation to El Salvador returned home on June 30, 2009. The pictures here show the two candlestick holders, handmade by Brown member Dr. Court Robinson, displayed on the altar at our sister parish.


    For 20 years, the Brown Memorial Park Avenue congregation has partnered with the parish of Santa Maria Madre Del Los Pobres, which is on the outskirts of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. Brown became an ‘Accompanying Congregation’ during the war years, and continues its accompaniment as the people of Maria Madre del Los Pobres move into new areas of endeavor.

    At first, the “ministry” entailed visits by church members who helped keep the government forces from harming the Parish.

    Today, Brown is helping the Parish develop programs that are enabling to children, teens and adults. Our support is guided by the priorities of the parish. In the true sense of accompaniment, we sit down together and work out what each of us needs and how we can meet those needs.

    Over the years, Brown has responded to requests from El Salvador to support the founding of a health clinic that provides medical, dental, ophthalmologic and pharmaceutical services to the entire parish, a population of 35,000. Health professionals from Brown have traveled to El Salvador to assist with equipping the clinics and training health promoters to do outreach in the community. The clinic is now federally accredited with a growing reputation for offering excellent health care at a very low price. People from the countryside are known to travel two days by bus to attend the clinic.

    Brown has supported the CAPI, a daycare serving over one hundred children aged three months to six years, by contributing books and school supplies which members of our delegations carry with them on their yearly visits.

    Most recently, we at Brown have raised funds to pay the staff for one year’s work at the Monseñor Oscar Romero Senior Daycare Center.

    Maria Madre de los Pobres has responded to our needs by sharing reflections on liberation theology and providing us with periodic updates on the current Salvadoran reality. Our parish friends give us in-depth analyses of the successes and failures of US and Salvadoran policies in the fight to end poverty and violence and to stem the stream of emigration northward. This information gets translated into action as members of Brown meet with congressional decisionmakers to advocate on behalf of our Salvadoran friends.

    In all, more than forty members of Brown have visited the Parish. During the time of our partnership, we at Brown Memorial have welcomed a number of Salvadoran visitors as well.

    Maryland Presbyterian Church shares this Parish with us. Our relationship with the Salvadoran parish is facilitated through our membership in The SHARE Foundation.

    Click here to link to SHARE website

    Candles on the Altar - Maria Madre de Los Pobres Padre Luis celebrates the Mass Acolytes hold the candles as Padre Luis speaks Salvadoran Activist