Brown Memorial Presbyterian
  • Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

    "With the addition of 11 Tiffany stained glass windows in the early 1900s, Brown Memorial became more than just a philanthropic phenomenon; it became one of the most significant buildings in this city, a treasure of art and architecture" (Baltimore Magazine, April, 2003).

    When we decided to restore these local treasures in 2001 we were doing more than simply restoring priceless works of art. We were making a statement about our love for and commitment to the city. The pictures here are nice but they do not do justice to the windows themselves. Interested in taking a tour? Give the church office a call or send Sharon Holley, church secretary, an email.

    Read the full 2003 Baltimore Magazine article.

    Scroll Through Our Windows

    THE HOLY CITY (Book of Revelation)
    An aged John, the Visionary, seated on Patmos, pen and papyrus in hand, ready to write. The white flower, lower left, is a columbine, with seven petals a symbol of the gifts mentioned in Revelation 5:12 :power, riches, wisdom. might, love, glory, and blessing. In the distance a red and orange dawn breaks. At the top, one finds the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, square and golden as described in John’s writings, flowing to Humanity . Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    A stained glass portrayal of the Lucan Gospel, shepherds with sheep, awestruck by the announcement of the Heavenly host, proclaiming the Good Tidings to Humanity. In the background, the Natal Star shines upon the sleeping town of Bethlehem. The Cherub’s face in the mid-section of the window is the likeness of the child of Mr. Smith the honoree. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    A depiction of Revelation 22. The waters flow clear and pure from the steadfast mountains among the durable cedars. The figures on either side sing God’s praises and strum harps. At the bottom, three cherubs kneel holding banners (left to right) , and anchor cross, the Latin cross, and a red heart, respectively symbolizing faith, hope and love (I Corinthians 13). Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    Jesus with John the Baptizer in the River Jordan. The Dove descends toward Christ with the witness, “You are my beloved Son”. The purple iris, a form of lily, symbolizes immortality and generally relates to Mary, the Mother of the Christ. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    The messenger stands among the clouds, wearing chain mail, breast plate, and cross-circled helmet, announcing, “Behold, I show you a mystery”. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    John stands with the hood of his red cloak drawn about his head, receiving the message, “Write what you see.” The intensity of his face carries an awareness of God’s presence and his willingness to serve. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    Christ, an Eternal Vision, among the clouds, transformed by light radiating from behind His head, drawing Humanity to Himself, with his pre-crucifixion , outstretched hands. The eyes are penetrating but inviting, seeming to gaze at the viewer anywhere in the sanctuary. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    An interpretation of John Henry Newman’s poem, with the Cross of Christ as the light. Window by the Tiffany Studios.

    Christ sits in the solitude of Gethsemane, among the trees and water. Into the darkness breaks light. Christ’s face is pensive and the back of his hand rests dramatically upon his brow. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    The young David stands richly robed, holding his staff, with the hills and city as a background.

    A window of tenderness and caring, showing no age discrimination in Jesus’ love and acceptance. An example of child-like faith and trust. The child on Jesus’ lap is the likeness of James Gary Black, infant, for whom the window is a memorial.

    In his last days, Jesus spoke with His disciples of knowing where He was going. Thomas said, “we don’t know.” Jesus replied, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Another exhortation to His disciples to “Follow Me” is depicted. Jesus walks through heavy clouds on the roiling waters – a miracle. Window created by the Tiffany Studios.

    Text by Reverend James E. Schuman, based on L. Irving Pollitt’s A History of Brown Memoial Presbyterian Church 1870 -1945.